Since 1992, Murphy Toerner has served many individuals and families. Here is a sampling of what the Murphy Toerner community of clients has to share about their work:


“I have known Murphy for over 20 years. She has an excellent reputation as a counselor/coach and local leader. It is an honor for me to give Murphy my highest recommendation for any of her endeavors.”
Smith W. Hartley
Owner, Editor, and Publisher of the Healthcare Journal of Baton Rouge


“Murphy is a gifted and insightful therapist who believes in people and speaks truth with good humor and great love.”
Beth Booram
Christian Women’s Retreat Speaker and Author


“Murphy has a true gift of healing and I felt at ease discussing my concerns with her. I always felt comfortable with her. I never felt betrayed or disheartened and always had hope for better things through her advice or by spending time in prayer with her. She has the rare ability of putting herself in your shoes, feels your sadness, and shares your grief. I highly recommend Murphy to families going through difficult times.”
Toni House
Successful Real Estate Agent in the Baton Rouge, Gonzales, Prairieville areas, LA


“My husband and I have learned much from being in classes and small group Bible studies with her and her husband, Mike, for over 10 years. Murphy’s honesty and genuine desire to see people walk in healthy relationships with each other and with God are what impresses me most about her. This is the heart of her counseling ministry and it has developed from her strong, ever-growing relationship with Jesus. God has brought about healing in her life and she is His willing servant and instrument in bringing healing to others. I have recommended Murphy’s counseling services to many friends in their time of need.”
Cindy Hall
Civil Engineer, ABMB Engineers, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA


“Murphy is authentic, funny, compassionate, to the point and full of integrity. I have counseled with Murphy personally, professionally and have also hired her as a weekend speaker for a large group. She has been so popular and effectual that we have had repeat years. I trust her as a counselor, as a coach and as a friend.”
Matilda Hunsicker
Hired Murphy as a Conference Speaker, Stuart, VA


“Murphy is more than a counselor and a supervisor; she is a mentor, a spiritual director, and an encourager. Murphy has been all of these to me and touched me in a positive way in each role. Murphy has an uncanny ability to see past the surface and help you see inside yourself. As a supervisor and mentor, her encouragement and faith make you feel you can move mountains. She is warm and loving and immediately puts you at ease (very important in counseling). Murphy has specifically helped me in two special ways. The first was at a retreat I attended where she was the speaker (when I met her).  Her talks inspired me to step out in faith and change careers and my life. She is a motivational speaker who is anointed with the Holy Spirit. Secondly, she lives her life for God and to me she has been a light and to others she is a beacon. I highly recommend Murphy for speaking engagements, retreats, personal counseling or spiritual direction.”
Sue J. Miley, MA, MBA, Licensed Professional Counselor
Executive and Personal Coach, Baton Rouge, LA


“Murphy is one of the best executive coaches I’ve worked with in my professional career. Her hands-on, practical approach coupled with her counseling background gave me just what I needed when I needed it. Murphy’s personal touch and experience provided a wealth of expertise for me to tap into; she was my thought partner as well as a strategist. She inspired me to become more than a visionary. Thank you, Murphy.” 
Priscilla W. Clark, PhD
Director, Center for Organizational Development and Leadership; Federal Occupational Health, Department of Health and Human Services, Washington D.C.


“I came to Murphy almost 2 years after my husband of 37 years passed away. I needed a safe place to give voice to the many losses in my life. I used Murphy more as a guide and companion during my journey. As I climbed this “mountain,” Murphy was my thought partner, advisor, sounding board and strategist.  She checked out my backpack to ensure I was not burdened with unnecessary baggage, which was too weighty for my uphill journey.

Now, at age 62, I realize that I do not like heights, but I’m challenged to face my fears. At each resting place, I can see the gains I have made. Some days I linger at particular level, but God enables me to climb upward and onward.  I can see my progress.  I am not a risk taker; I usually follow the path God has laid out for me. At times, I feel tired, frustrated and/or angry.  During these times, God reminds me that I need His divine help! My pride must take the back seat so I can clearly hear God’s voice.

Life is all about gains and losses, three steps forward and one back. I want to make sure I don’t allow the losses to gain control of my walk with God. Murphy was a great help in my seeing this. If I have not thanked you before Murphy, I do so now; thank you so much for your help and undivided attention in listening.”
Becky Lawrence
Baton Rouge, LA


“There are so many things I could share about Murphy Toerner as a counselor, but truthfully, it would take me a while. Therefore, I will highlight why I would recommend Murphy Toerner to a friend or colleague that may be facing an altering unexpected life circumstance which has one “stuck” or “frozen with fear” or who may be experiencing depression or some other condition.

When one seeks professional help, the goal is to become better. The hope is to heal and become better and at the same time learn tools that will enable a person to withstand and know how to confront situations that may arise during one’s life journey.  Murphy Toerner has shared tools with me during our counseling sessions and these tools have helped me grow spiritually, emotionally and in terms of my overall attitude and thinking. Thoughts are very powerful. Murphy has shared with me how to dispel thoughts that are not true or accurate and replace them with truth.  She refers to the Bible (i.e Scriptures that are pertinent to the situation) and also recommends helpful books that assist in the path to healing pertinent to the issue at hand.

Personally, I find Murphy to be extremely helpful. I refer to Murphy as “my angel on Earth” because she provides one with constructive tools that if implemented properly will slowly lift the heaviness of whatever issue, circumstance or burden one may be currently facing. Perhaps, one may be facing an internal issue that he or she has been “carrying” or “harboring” way too long and it needs to be confronted in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. Murphy provides that type of environment for her clients.

At times in an individual’s life, certain internal issues may need to be confronted since eventually those unhealthy or unruly emotions will rise to the surface.  Some of those uncomfortable emotions may include worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, anger, guilt or denial. When those emotions come to the forefront—one may be resistant to acknowledging those feelings or may avoid an uncomfortable situation due to those types of feelings, but to ignore them may only cause a negative emotion to fester and eventually come out in the wrong manner. Normally, the hole becomes deeper; then it is harder to see the light—the hope that does exist. I can honestly tell you that light does exist for those that battle depression.

I first saw Murphy in my twenties after returning to American from the mission field. I served as a missionary in Tomsk, Siberia.  One would think it would be hard leaving America for the mission field and it was hard, but I was not prepared at all in terms of readjusting to America after living overseas and being entrenched in another culture.  Murphy helped me combat depression and she helped equip me with tools if depression were to  “ rear its ugly head” at me again.

For many years, I did not see Murphy, but I sought her counseling again when dealing with chronic pain due to a neurological condition. Things are much better and I attribute a lot to Murphy Toerner and her genuine approach to the person she is counseling. She truly wants to see progress in a person.

She is called to the counseling profession and personal coaching and it is apparent when one meets Murphy. She exudes truth, warmth, and love to those she meets. And, if there is one thing I can say, she provides hope.

Thank you, Murphy! I appreciate your belief that one can heal.

Romans 5:5 – And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, Whom He has given us.  This scripture has helped me throughout my life during times of difficulty.  Murphy always reminds one to have hope and to remember the love God has for each individual.”
Sharon Furrate
Baton Rouge, LA