Changing a Negative Sense of Self

God is the Creator of all things and He has gifted every person with creative abilities.  We are creative in all sorts of ways:  design, words, food, thoughts, work, relationships, and dreams.  The list is endless.

Throughout our lives we create patterns and perspectives, beliefs and behaviors, that directly impact how we see ourselves, see others, and see the world; how we live our lives (our choices) and how we connect with others (our relationships).

The person you are today is a composite of:

  • The sum total of your life experiences, both good and bad
    • Some life experiences:
      • Wounded you and left you reeling in […]
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Scenery People

How do we survive dysfunction in our families-of-origin?

God graciously allows us to implement situation-specific coping strategies.

Early on we learn to: fly under the radar, be seen and not heard, pursue perfection, compulsively order (control) our sphere of influence, obey promptly, play quietly, deny feelings, suppress thoughts, keep secrets, and tell adults whatever they want to hear.  In fact, as children of dysfunctional parents, we develop long emotional antenna.

We learn to adeptly anticipate what our parents want or need and meet those needs before we are asked to meet […]

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Not Easily Offended

Years ago there was a Bible study entitled, “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby where he indicated that a disciple of the Lord is not easily offended.

When you examine the lives of authentic Christians who have walked with the Lord for many years, they literally seem Christ-like.  They are easy-going, kind, thoughtful, servant-like, and not easily offended.  Dallas Willard, Billy Graham, Henry Blackaby, Tim Clinton and so many more are examples of mature Christians.

Mature Christians may have a sense of righteous indignation from time to time when they see a wrong and sinful action committed.  But righteous indignation is not the […]

Pray According to His Will

Matthew 21:22 – ” If you believe, you will receive

whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Sadly, a lot of Christians mistakenly take this verse to mean, “If you have enough faith … if you believe strongly enough when you pray to God for whatever you desire you will surely, positively get it.”

I have witnessed Christians respond very negatively when a specific prayer request was not answered by God.  Some Christians are:

  • Stunned by God’s not giving them what they wanted or expected
  • Bewildered and begin questioning the goodness of God
  • Tempted to turn away […]
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Work Addiction!!!

Work addiction is a real thing and it is not good for your health.

It physically and mentally harms you. Will lead to illness and burnout.

Workaholics feel high levels of anxiety.

They feel rushed.

They become quickly overwhelmed.

They feel guilty when they are not productive.

They push themselves, not because they love it, but because they feel an internal pressure to work.

Work becomes a compulsion and an addiction.


Does this describe you?

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Marriage – “Commitment” is Key

My husband, Mike, and I taught the pre-marriage class at our church for over 13 years.  We always started the first class by saying, “Marriage is the best of times and the worst of times.  Your marriage will feel like Heaven on earth and as soon as one or both of you operate out of selfishness or self-centeredness (walking in your flesh) it will feel like Hell on earth.  So, get ready for the ups and downs.  Expect them; they are normal.”

If you fail to navigate through the ups and downs appropriately, the down times can take over.  They can […]

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Living with Purpose

“I expect to pass through the world but once,

Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness I can show

to any creature, let me do it now.

Let me not defer it, for I shall not pass

this way again.”

Stephen Grellet

French/American Religious Leader


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Perspective is Everything

Perspective is Everything!!!!!

One of the best ways a life coach / personal coach can serve a client is by revealing the importance of keeping a consistently positive perspective.

The truth is your perspective is a powerful predictor of an outcome. If you have a negative perspective, you will most likely fail, quit, not try your best, or question your ability to “win”. If you have a positive perspective, you will most like succeed, hang in there and overcome adversity, perform better than you thought you ever could, and you will begin to think outside the proverbial box that limits your options […]

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As I Think About Self-Care …

This was recently written by one of my life coaching clients …


“As I think about “Self-Care,” I’m reminded of a book one of my relatives gave me.  The book is entitled Self-Compassion.  My relative thought I could benefit from reading the book because I was at a pivotal point in my journey of recognizing what I want to do with my life/career compared to what I thought I SHOULD do.”


This coaching client was able to make a great career choice based on what is a good fit for her and not solely something she should have chosen.

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Don’t Worry About … Instead, Love Well!

2013-02-13 00.15.48

It is so easy to consume yourself about who likes you or who doesn’t like you.

Wouldn’t you have a better day by choosing to focus on:

Loving those who love you.

Loving those who hate you and persecute you.

Loving God with all your strength, might, and soul.

Loving yourself in a Godly way.

Loving your neighbor as you love yourself.

Loving your wife as Christ loves the Church.

Respecting your husband and being his help-mate.


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