Recently I spoke with a friend and she shared some things that were presently going on in her life. We talked for a while and then we ended our conversation in prayer. We lifted up our concerns about some fairly heavy personal situations. By the end of our time she said, “I did not realize just how much emotional stuff I’d been carrying until now. I feel so much better, almost lighter; and I’m able to relax and let it go.”

It is a wonderful gift to have a friend and confident. It’s more than a good thing or nice thing; it’s a necessity. Sharing our lives with one another in deeply personal ways helps us keep our spiritual balance and emotional well-being. Of course, the first Person we need to speak with about any matter is God. He is the Source of all wisdom and grace; power and persistence. Often, He will send a human being with whom we can share. God knows the benefit of having friends who are safe confidants and faithful prayer partners. Every one needs at least one friend who can keep things in the “vault,” so to speak.

Galatians 6:2a says, “Bear one another’s burdens…”

To fulfill this command, we need God and each other. Sometimes God will send us burden bearers. At other times, He will come alone. In our minds and hearts, both sources of relief are reasons to praise Him.

Do you have great friends; faithful friends? Are you a great friend; a faithful friend?

What are some of the qualities you look for in friendship? What is most important? Think about it and then, list what you come up with.

Blessings to you all,