Something to Think About

  • God knows all, sees all, is all powerful, and ever present.
  • God is never stupid.
  • He created me to be a human being.  He knows I’m fallible, fragile, and vulnerable.
  • He knows that because of my humanity I have a principle of sin, which indwells me.
  • God knows what I will think, say and do a bazillion years before I do.  Nothing surprises Him.
  • Does God allow me to sin?   He has the power to convict me before I do what is wrong?  He could easily force me to follow Him perfectly.
  • Does He wait to see if I will use my free will to choose His way over my way?
  • Would God ever allow me to sin because He knows that in my brokenness He can capture more of my heart for Him?
  • God uses my failures and brokenness to turn my heart, mind, face, and will back toward Him.
  • When I fail, I’m reminded of my deep, complete need for my Heavenly Father, my Savior … Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, my heavenly Power Source.
Murphy Toerner