Will an extrovert share the Gospel differently than an introvert?

God as our Creator and Father brilliantly made every human being totally unique. He created extroverts and introverts in His image.  There is no question that God wants all Christians to advance the Kingdom of God on earth.

How might an extrovert share his/her faith?

Most often extroverts love people and they love talking with people.  They process information and problem solve through talking.  They love connecting and are actually energized by people.  Often they are leaders and “up-front” type of people.   Extroverts are generally persuasive and tend to make super sales people.

Introverts are historically quieter than their extrovert counter-parts, but that does not mean they are silent.  They speak up when they actually have something meaningful to share.  They enjoy one-on-one interactions or small group settings.  They process information internally.  They are generally not quick on their feet; they require time to think about things before they share their opinions.

God allows us all to be witnesses for him in our own unique ways.  Some of us can literally go door to door sharing the Gospel; others feel more comfortable with life-style evangelism; still others live out their faith in Christ and literally wait to be asked by seeker, “What makes you so different?  Why are you so kind and loving?  How were you able to forgive that person?”  When a seeker asks these types of questions, a Christian can respond, “I am the way I am because of my relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Would you like me to tell you more about that?”  Most often when someone “asks” questions about spirituality or how to become a Christian, their heart and mind are much more open to hear a response.

The Holy Spirit, who is our Godly power-source and divine enabler, will direct you in the moment of contact with a specific person as to how you might best reach the listener.  You might share a tract, like the 4 Spiritual Laws.  You might choose to live your life in such an exemplary way, that observers are compelled to demand of you an explanation.  You might wait until someone directly asks you how to become a Christian.

So, as a leader of a team of folks who are greatly diverse, I would ask you to ponder, “Am I allowing the Holy Spirit to direct each individual to share the Gospel in a God-directed way in the moment or do I have a preconceived idea about how the Gospel “should” be shared.  If you are an extrovert, do you expect the introverts around you to share the Gospel they exact same way as you do?

I think the very best approach is to allow every person to be guided and directly by the Holy is each unique situation as to how to proceed.

I’d love to hear your feedback on my thoughts.

Blessings, Murphy