v. 29 – For the gifts and the callings of the Lord are irrevocable.

Several years ago, I saw a movie called The Apostle starring Robert Duval.  He was a minister who did something really bad in his hometown and he ran away.  He ended up moving to another state.

Not long after arriving, he began a new church.  He could not resist God’s call on his life.  He was an apostle of Jesus and even though he had sinned, one of his spiritual gifts was church planting.  His preaching was powerful and people in the community and surrounding areas started attending the new ”Bible Church.”  In that part of him, which was “born again,” he could not resist using the gifts and talents from the Lord.  Being an apostle of Jesus was who he was in the deepest part his being.   He could not be anything else.  “The gifts and the callings of the Lord are irrevocable.”

I look back on my life and the times when I was not walking closely with the Lord, and I see how God still allowed me to be used by Him to advance His kingdom.  I had a flourishing ministry, I was leading people to the Lord, and speaking to others about who God is and how much He loves them “warts and all.”

Always, the Lord convicted me of my sin, enable me to repent and turn 180 degrees away from wrong choices.   God wanted me to return to Him with a wholly devoted heart for Him alone.  When I confessed those sins to the Father, He was completely able to forgive my sins and cleanse me from my unrighteousness.

You may be in some sort of ministry right now, but are you leading a double life in any way?  Are you acting Godly on the outside, but on the inside you are more concerned with following your heart and your desires.  Stop right now and confess (agree with God about your unrighteous behavior or thoughts) and turn back to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

That’s all God wants.  He wants you and your whole heart.  He is the greatest lover of your soul.  Even when you get off the path.

Murphy Toerner