Do you have trouble getting the “tough stuff” done in your life?  You know, the items on your to-do-list that you HATE to do, like:

  • returning all those phone calls you’ve been avoiding
  • paying your bills on time
  • balancing your checkbook (if you’re over 60) or checking the balance of your account on-line (if you’re a young adult or young at heart”
  • going through some of the boxes of photographs that you’ve been meaning to go through for 30 years
  • studying for a chemistry test
  • going to the dentist for your 6-month check-up
  • deep cleaning your house
  • getting your car washed and vacuumed
  • getting all of your stuff unpacked after a move to a new house
  • writing the family or company newsletter
  • going to the grocery store
  • loading and unloading your dishwasher

You have tons more that you could add to this list.

A great way to tackle those tedious tasks is to practice doing them FIRST.  You heard me!!!  DO THEM FIRST and DO THEM EARLY in the day.  But after you do one, or several depending on your time frame, choose to REWARD yourself by doing something you love to do, like:

  • watch a sporting event that evening
  • play your guitar or other musical instrument
  • download some music from iTunes
  • call your spouse, fiance, boyfriend or girlfriend, best friend
  • text someone special
  • play with your dog
  • cook your favorite meal
  • write on your blog
  • play on Facebook
  • read a book (paper, Kindle, or iPad)

This can become a habit … a very good and productive habit, which could totally change your productivity level.

Start with something on your “negative” to-do-list that you are confident you’ll do.  Tell a friend what you are trying to do so they will hold you accountable.  Then, after your tough task is finished, reward yourself with a reward of equal time or value.

This process is also helpful in dealing with bad habits like: staying up too late watching TV or whatever you need to change in your life.

You can make personal changes in your life.