Perspective is Everything!!!!!

One of the best ways a life coach / personal coach can serve a client is by revealing the importance of keeping a consistently positive perspective.

The truth is your perspective is a powerful predictor of an outcome. If you have a negative perspective, you will most likely fail, quit, not try your best, or question your ability to “win”. If you have a positive perspective, you will most like succeed, hang in there and overcome adversity, perform better than you thought you ever could, and you will begin to think outside the proverbial box that limits your options and opportunities.

Perspective is everything!!!!

An example of a positive perspective might sound like, “I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by hanging in there and accomplishing my goals. I don’t have to be distraught by any setback. The truth is that no matter what happens, I have an opportunity to learn more from every setback and every failure. I have an opportunity to learn from every success as well.”

When you have a setback or failure, when something is harder that you thought it was going to be, your deepest core beliefs about yourself, others, difficult life situations, winning, and losing rise to the surface. When your core beliefs are revealed, you have a CHOICE! You can maintain your negative core beliefs or you can re-write your life script. You can embrace new core beliefs about yourself, others, difficult life situations, and you can become the over comer that God intended you to be.

In every situation, an opportunity is created where you can practice maintaining a positive perspective. Every situation, every challenge, every obstacle creates opportunities to practice new, more successful life-skills and coping strategies. Every day you get to make choices about how you approach every aspect of your life.

Winning is wonderful, but failing can be seen as a tremendous positive as well. Remember, your perspective is everything. When you experience a failure, you have a choice to make. You can use that failure as a positive because it is creating an opportunity for you to examine your life, your beliefs, your perspectives and your choices. You can see why the failure happened. At that point, you can make a conscious choice to learn from for your mistakes and try again or you can stay stuck in ignorance.

Yes, perspective is everything, and you are the author and chooser of every perspective.

Murphy Toerner