It has been a brutal two years for Mike.  The “Christian” University where he has been teaching has not treated Mike like Christ would him.  Of course, this is my personal opinion.

But God, being rich in mercy has seen fit for Mike to be hired at McNeese State University.  All of the faculty Mike met this past week were cordial and welcoming.  It was a stark contrast to the reception he received two years ago.  The faculty at Mike’s current job talked about working as a team and having a collegial atmosphere, but in actuality this was rarely demonstrated.   There was obvious favoritism for certain faculty members.  Mike was assigned a near impossible teaching schedule …  4 brand new preparations Mike’s first semester.  He barely could catch his breath.  After catching 12 students cheating, it seems as though Mike became “that guy” … the faculty member who isn’t treating the students “rightly.”  Mike was let go from his current job, but still had to teach the rest of the semester until May, 2013.

Mike began searching for a new faculty position and even some county and state jobs here in Texas.  He also applied at McNeese State University in Lake Charles.  The Dean, Head of the Department and the faculty have been warm, authentic, and genuinely pleased with Mike as the newest addition to the McNeese faculty.

God, thank you for this new job.  We are sincerely thrilled and grateful.  What does it say about Christians when the “non-Christians” act more like Jesus Christ?

Mike is almost 64 and he got a great job at a wonderful university.  WE thank God for this miraculous blessing.

Thank you for all of your prayers and covering.

Mike and I are very grateful.

Much love, Murphy