Nancy Murphy Toerner

There is a difference between being alive and living.

Vibrant living is God’s intention for mankind; regardless of external circumstances.  How does one live vibrantly?

First, let’s familiarize ourselves with what VIBRANT means:  Vibrant (adj.) means pulsating with vigor and energy (the vibrant life of a large city); vigorous; energetic; vital (a vibrant personality); exciting, stimulating, lively (vibrant colors; a vibrant performance); (from Dictionary APP via iPhone).

I can not begin to describe my life as pulsating with vigor and energy; or continually energetic, exciting, stimulating or lively.  More commonly my life is: busy, tiresome, common, and repetitive.  I won’t belabor the idea with other descriptors.

I don’t want to live a life of existing; I want to live vibrantly.  How about you?

How does one go about doing this? 

1.  First, recognize that existing is not living the way God intended.

2.  Embrace the idea that God can change your perceptions, feelings and actions IF you will work with Him to do so.

3.  Visualize how your life could be if you were to get rid of your old, ensconced, faulty, beliefs about God, yourself and others.

4.  Work daily on changing yourself  from the inside out.

5.   Stop focusing on how people/God don’t come to your aide or the idea that life is not fair.


God wants you to have the life He designed.