Often, we look to other human beings to be there for us … to give us a deep sense of security and stability.  But the truth is, if you look to another human being for such inner strength, you will be disappointed.   No human can fulfill our deepest need(s) completely or consistently.  In fact, sometimes when you think you need someone in the worst way, they may seem to have vanished because they, too, are on their own unique quest to find security and stability from their chosen person.

This world is truly topsy turvy.  We are all flying upside down and we don’t even know it.  Our senses are corrupted by the the enemy demagnetizing our spiritual compass.

Unlike every human being, God will always and forever take your hand when you are timid and afraid, scared and uncertain, anxious and uneasy.  He will tell you until you believe Him that He is near and in His economy … EVERY THING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!!!!