Every person deals with a certain measure of fear from time to time.  Every person!!

When it is your time to deal with a personal fear, your human inclination may be to stop, turn around, and move away from your fear.

Withdrawing may feel like the correct thing to do.  In fact, withdrawing is exactly what you NEED to do in order to PROTECT yourself. Withdrawing is the correct course of action, right?

WRONG!!!  Backing away from your fears only makes them bigger, badder, and seemingly insurmountable.  Human inclinations are often based on self-protection.  When comes to facing your fear, you need to “out wit, out play, out last” your fear.

You can feed a fear by letting it control you, your decisions, and your opportunities to take risks.

Or you can starve that fear by walking toward it, walking through it, or walking in it until it dissipates.  IT WILL ALWAYS DISSIPATE.  IT WILL ALWAYS PASS.  You will beat back that fear; you will starve that fear by standing your ground.

Bless you all,