(from Murphy Toerner)

Today’s email:


I had to go back and read my last email to you (Murphy) to regain perspective.  Feel free to copy and paste that email on your website.  It was a tough weekend, but I know God is still good regardless of my circumstances.  Pray for me to gain wisdom and strength to “let things go.”  It is a mental challenge to consistently tell myself the truth…

This was the client’s last email to me …

“As promised here is my email to you.  The best thing you have taught me is to continuously give up my illusion of control.  In doing so, I can let go of the things I have no control over.  Instead, I try to grasp the natural ebb and flow of life.

Murphy, you taught me about the spiritual war Christians live in on earth, but sometimes it is tough to accept that reality.  We, Christians, have a picture of the way things are supposed to be and when life does not fit that picture, we get distressed.

The truth is life rarely works out the way we expect it to.  I think God sets it up that way so we operate in faith and dependence on HIM rather than in human logic and controlling behaviors.

Changing my perspective is letting me have a healthy outlook on how I approach my job, my relationships, my money, and my outcome.  Ironically, I feel like God has given me the power to choose instead of being forced into a preset box of expectations.  There is really nothing I much do.

I choose the life I have and my life is a product of the choices I have made.  God has certainly intervened on my behalf at times, but ultimately, I have to come to terms with my choices and their outcomes.

Since I am not perfect, I will make mistakes.   My mistakes create an opportunity to learn and grow and thereby make better choices in the future.  This all seems so simple;  walking it out takes discipline and practice.

Murphy, you have been instrumental in helping me see these things more clearly.  My circumstances are still challenging but they are getting better.  In essence, I feel like I have my consistency and confidence back. I don’t feel lost anymore.  God is good all the time.”