God is the Creator of all things and He has gifted every person with creative abilities.  We are creative in all sorts of ways:  design, words, food, thoughts, work, relationships, and dreams.  The list is endless.

Throughout our lives we create patterns and perspectives, beliefs and behaviors, that directly impact how we see ourselves, see others, and see the world; how we live our lives (our choices) and how we connect with others (our relationships).

The person you are today is a composite of:

  • The sum total of your life experiences, both good and bad
    • Some life experiences:
      • Wounded you and left you reeling in the world of victimization
      • Expanded your sense of right/wrong and good/bad
      • Impaired your ability to make good choices
      • Empowered your ability to overcome
      • Drove you to seek God and have a personal relationship with Him
  • How you came to know and understand you from your primary care-givers. Their facial expressions, choice of words, tones of voice, and responses to  basic physical and emotional needs profoundly impacted your self-image.  This process is known as a “reflected sense of self” and it is difficult to change a negative self-perception.

How can you change a negative sense of self?

  • By entering into a personal relationship with God through the saving work of Jesus Christ when he died on the cross.
  • By cooperating with the indwelling Holy Spirit, who is a divine power source to empower you
  • By studying God’s word and familiarizing yourself with the character of God (He is LOVE) and choosing to believe what He says about who you are, why He created you,  and your priceless value

God knows you and loves you.  He values you and believes in you.  He knows your past, present, and future and still adores you.  He knows your are continually being conformed into the image of His son Jesus (his character).  God is the father you’ve always hoped for.  He cares, listens, directs, comforts, and teaches you in all things.  You are an adopted child in His forever family.

You have a choice.  You can continue to embrace your negative sense of self OR you can embrace God’s truth about you.