It’s Normal to Want to Connect – Larry Crabb


The deepest urge in every human heart is to be in relationship

with someone who absolutely delights in us;

someone … who has no greater joy than giving to us;

someone who (encourages us) … to use everything  … for the good

of others, and (who helps us KNOW) we have something to give.

Quote from the book Connecting by Larry Crabb 

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Mother’s Who Can’t Love (by Dr. Susan Forward, PhD)


Common Experiences of Women With Moms Like This:
The great common denominator among women with unloving mothers is the longing for validation— to find someone who will say, “Yes, what you experienced really happened. Yes, your feelings are justified. I understand.”

… if her dominant behavior engenders in her daughter a belief in her own value and nourishes her self- respect, confidence, and safety, that mother is doing a good job, whether she’s a wonderful mom or just good enough. She’s demonstrating real love, in a tangible, reliable way, to her child.


To help you […]

How Wise Are You?

There are two kinds of wisdom: the wisdom of man and the wisdom of God.

Man’s wisdom consists of:

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Reasoning
  • Character
  • Philosophy
  • Intellect
  • Intuition
  • Discernment

God’s wisdom consists of:

  • Perfect Knowledge
  • Perfect Experience
  • Perfect Reasoning
  • Perfect Character
  • Perfect Truth (not philosophy)
  • Perfect Intellect
  • Perfect Understanding (not intuition)
  • Perfect Love

When you are faced with a decision or concern, be careful not to depend on the wisdom of man because it is limited and narrow in scope.  It can be easily tainted by fear and self-protection.

Instead of depending on the wisdom of man, which will ALWAYS be limited in some way, turn to God and His wisdom.  He will never let you down.  He will often ask you […]


What are tears?

Tears are produced by tear glands, which are small glands inside your upper eyelid. Tears keep the surface of your eyeball clean and moist, and help protect your eye from damage.

When you blink, your eyelids spread the tears over the surface of the eye. Sometimes tears flow over your lower eyelid, but mostly the tears flow down a tiny tube at the edge of your lower eyelid, next to your nose – if you look very carefully you can see a tiny dot that is the beginning of this tube. This tube carries the tears to the back […]

15 Styles of Distorted Thinking

  1. Filtering: You take the negative details and magnify them, while filtering out all positive aspects of a situation. A single detail may be picked out, and the whole event becomes colored by this detail. When you pull negative things out of context, isolated from all the good experiences around you, you make them larger and more awful than they really are.
  2. Polarized Thinking: The hallmark of this distortion is an insistence on dichotomous choices. Things are black or white, good or bad. You tend to perceive everything at the extremes, with very little room for a middle ground. The […]

Traits of a Healthy Family

The healthy family …

  1. Communicates and listens
  2. Affirms and supports one another
  3. Teaches respect for others (parents and children)
  4. Develops a sense of trust
  5. Has a sense of play and humor
  6. Exhibits a sense of shared responsibility
  7. Teaches a sense of right and wrong
  8. Has a strong sense of family in which rituals and traditions abound
  9. Has a balance of interaction among members
  10. Has shared religious core
  11. Respects the privacy of one another
  12. Values service to others
  13. Fosters table time and conversation
  14. Shares leisure time
  15. Admits to and seeks help with problems

By Dolores Curran

Not Easily Offended

Years ago there was a Bible study entitled, “Experiencing God” by Henry Blackaby where he indicated that a disciple of the Lord is not easily offended.

When you examine the lives of authentic Christians who have walked with the Lord for many years, they literally seem Christ-like.  They are easy-going, kind, thoughtful, servant-like, and not easily offended.  Dallas Willard, Billy Graham, Henry Blackaby, Tim Clinton and so many more are examples of mature Christians.

Mature Christians may have a sense of righteous indignation from time to time when they see a wrong and sinful action committed.  But righteous indignation is not the […]

John Gottman’s Love Maps Questions – Enhance Your Friendship

Excerpt from The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Principle 1 — Enhance Your Love Maps, pp. 50-51.



By giving honest answers to the following questions, you will get a sense of the quality of your current love maps.  For the most accurate reading of how your marriage is doing on this first principle, both of you should complete the following.   Read each statement and write T for “true” or F for “false” by each number.  Then add up the number of T’s when you are finished.


  1. I can name my partner’s best friends
  2. I can tell you what stresses my partner is currently […]

You Can’t Force Maturity

It is perpetually difficult to be patient with the level of maturity (or lack of maturity) of the people who are in our lives:  spouses, friends, children/adult children, church family, bosses, co-workers, etc.  As a relationship coach and a licensed professional counselor (LA & TX), I hear people complain about how someone in their life, “just doesn’t get it.”

  • When will my adult child ever grow up?
  • I wish my husband would care more about ________.
  • My boyfriend always loses his temper over the silliest stuff!!!
  • My wife is such a complainer.  I wish she would just grow up!
  • There are countless other examples …

In […]

10 Myths/Facts About Extroverts

Myth #1 – Extroverts like to talk and can’t be silent.

Extroverts are more comfortable to talk about their thoughts out loud, but they are not necessarily inconsiderate of other people’s needs. They know when to be quiet, what to say and when to listen in different situations. However, sometimes extroverts may appear to be talking too much and that comes off as being arrogant.

Myth #2 – Extroverts need to be the center of attention.

Extroverts are generally more outgoing, confident and sociable, so they naturally draw more attention to themselves. However, they are not purposely trying to attract attention. They just want to connect more with […]

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