This is a recent message that I sent a Christian friend who knows he/she struggles with depression ….
Sweet friend.
  • Just to clarify. A person will not get “hooked” on an anti-depressant. One can get addicted to Xanax which is for anxiety.  But the purpose of an anti-depressant is to replenish God Given / God Designed endorphins in your brain. There are specific endorphins, which help regulate mood/hope/ resiliency/ etc.
  • Your (my friend) brain and endorphin levels and mine were messed up/injured by being exposed to extended periods (years actually) of having to deal with so much stress/fear/pain/neglect/physical beatings/abuse/and various traumatic events as children.  When one grows up with a deluge of these types of traumas, their young brains cannot produce enough quantity of specific endorphins to meet the demand required.
  • It is not uncommon for survivors of childhood trauma to struggle with depression (Major Depression or Dysthymia) and/or a variety of anxiety disorders.  Children’s brains are not designed to handle adult anger/rage.  They are not created to handle sustained levels of stress/fear/ pain/neglect/physical beatings, abuse (various forms) or other traumatic events.
  • It’s like having a car sitting on blocks where it can’t move forward even though the motor is on and the driver pushes the gas petal all the way to the floor. The car engine is revving 6,000 + rpm’s (revolutions per minute) or more. No engine is designed to be treated this way. The car could easily burn up all its fuel and 0il in the engine.  This type of brutal treatment could easily cause the engine to be destroyed, throw a rod, or burn up.
  • The endorphins in our brains are like having proper oil levels in the car engine. A car does not get addicted to oil. It is designed to use the oil so the engine won’t burn up. Our food is our energy source; like gasoline is for the car.
  • Is it evil or a sin to put gasoline and oil in the car engine?  No, of course not.
  • But Satan, the father of all lies, has successfully convinced Christians that depression is a sin and taking medicine for anxiety and depression is an even bigger sin. This Satanic idea is crazy. If you struggle with depression or anxiety issues, you are NOT CRAZY!!!  I give you my word of honor.  There is an explanation for this.  The Murphy-ism, “There’s always a “why” behind the “what”!!!!”
  • Our inability to properly handle depression/anxiety is because our brain chemistry is off balance. A great and wonderful “gift” from God, the Father, is we live in 2016 A. D.   We don’t live in the 1600’s or 1700’s. God has given scientists, doctors and researchers the ability to help those who struggle with thyroid disease, cancer, heart disease, kidney and liver disease.  Christians don’t have issues with these types of medications.
  • What Christians fail to understand is the BRAIN IS ALSO AN ORGAN.
  • Would God really say, “You can take medicine for all of the above medical issues, but not for your brain?  No!!!!!   He would not. We have believed lies from Satan, the world’s philosophy, and other Christians who lead innocent Christians astray with faulty teaching and burdensome laws.  When trying to decide if something is “right” in God’s eyes, ask the question what would a perfect loving Father want for his precious children whom he adores and was willing to allow his one and only son to die for the sins of mankind.
  • God is a healer, teacher, shepherd, provider, presence, power source, provider of peace, joy, mercy, grace, forgiveness and so much more, He wants His children to be well: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Wise people know truth when they hear it (and are open to believing it.) Depression is not a sin. God caused Saul to get depressed so that David would be called to the palace to play the harp for Saul.  The music was a source of solace and peace.
If you are struggling with depression, and every person will struggle with depression at least once in his or her lifetime, ask God directly if it is ok to take medicine as prescribed by a medical doctor?  It was God who gave researchers the wisdom to create such medicines and God allowed mankind to be intelligent and educated to understand chemistry of the brain.
He adores you. He wants good for you. He wants you to live a full and abundant life.  Ask him and see what he tells you!!!   Blessings and love.