1.  I will NOT call myself names and say bad things about myself.  Words are seeds, therefore, I will NOT say what the enemy says.  I will say what GOD says, “I am GOD’S daughter and the apple of His eye.  His angels stand guard over me and my family”

2.  I am going FORWARD and not backward; UP and NOT down.  Yesterday is GONE.  I have HOPE for tomorrow, and I HAVE today … I will make it a GOOD day.

3.  I am NOT crazy.  I’m just delightfully different.

4.  I will NOT let my feelings be hurt.

5.  I will NOT be offended, instead I will consider the “source.”

6. I do not have to have an opinion on everything.  If I have an opinion, I want to share my thoughts with safe people.

7. I remind God of His promises:  Me and my household shall be saved.  My children will grow like willows on the river bank, and proudly they will say I am the Lord’s.

8. I cal my children, their spouses, and my grandchildren SAVED.  John 20:29 says, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed.”

9. There is ORDER in God’s kingdom, therefore, there is ORDER in my LIFE and in my HOME>

10.  I have the mind of Christ.  I am focused.  I am healed. Every organ cell, bone, and joint in my body functions exactly as it was designed.

11.  I have great joy and peace.  I am not critical and judgmental.

12.  I call things that be not as though they are.  I call myself valuable to God and to my friends and family.