One of life’s greatest goals is good mental health and a positive outlook.

The following is a list of 10 ways to guarantee a horrible life.


1.  Don’t believe in God.

  • Believe God is either a myth, a vending machine in the sky, a benevolent spiritual Santa Claus who will give you what you ask for.
  • Believe God is an etherial being who is obligated to save you at the eleventh hour of a tough situation.
  • Believe having a relationship with a “Heavenly Father” is for wimps who can’t cut it in a real world.

2. Believe everything depends solely upon you.

  • Believe everything in life is up to you to achieve.  There is no one who will help you, no one to support you, no one is to cheer you on.  You’re it.
  • Therefore, purpose every day to prove to yourself and everyone around you that you matter.
  • Live as though your value as a human being depends on the success of your last performance and most recent success.

3. Be comfortable with perpetual self-protection.

  • Never let anyone close to you; they might hurt you just like others have.
  • Fail to comprehend that God will use “healthy people” to heal you and teach you what Godly relationships can look like.
  • Always wear your mask and keep people at arm’s length.

4. Allow fear to rule your life, outlook, decisions, and ability to take risks.

  • Reject that fear is “False Expectations Appearing Real.”
  • Never challenge that many of the things you are anxious about will never come to pass.
  • Live with continual fear that if and when you fail, it proves how shameful and worthless you are.

5. Be your worst enemy and harshest critic.

  • Try your best to remember the most critical and mean-spirited comments expressed to you by people who said they loved you, but their words continually “cut you down to size.”
  • Never filter your negative self-talk.  Believe that everything you tell yourself is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
  • Beat the snot out of yourself at every opportunity.  Never give yourself grace.

6. Be contentious, judgmental, and mean-spirited toward others.

  • Believe you are better than those around you and that your perspectives and judgments of others are 1000 % correct.
  • Treat people with contempt on a regular basis.  They made their bed, they have to sleep in it.
  • Pick fights and humiliate others at every turn.

7.  Never take responsibility; blame others.

  • Blame your parents, their sins and frailties for all the problems of your current life.
  • Believe that people “make” you act the way you act.  You don’t have a choice but to be a jerk or get enraged when they act the way they do.
  • Refuse to develop insight (the ability to see inside yourself and discern why you do what you do.)

8. Embrace bitterness and avoid being thankful or grateful.

  • Make it your ambition to live a “hopeless” life.
  • Always look at the glass half empty and the food is always spoiled.
  • Make negativity your moment by moment mantra.

9. Never forgive; hold grudges.

  • Believe that forgiving others means that you are “letting them off the hook.”
  • Act as though when you hold a grudge you are keeping someone indebted to you in some way.
  • Fail to realize that the person you are not forgiving has already “moved on” and will probably never know that you’re holding a grudge.

10. Never challenge your lies, irrational beliefs, false perceptions, and misinterpretations.

  • Be sure to believe the lie that all of your internal self-talk is 100% truthful.
  • Never make the connections that when you are feeling depressed, anxious, and angry that you are operating in your lies and misbeliefs.
  • Perpetually forget that Satan is the father of all lies and when you fail to seek Godly truth you are cooperating with negativity and hopelessness.