Myth #1 – Extroverts like to talk and can’t be silent.

Extroverts are more comfortable to talk about their thoughts out loud, but they are not necessarily inconsiderate of other people’s needs. They know when to be quiet, what to say and when to listen in different situations. However, sometimes extroverts may appear to be talking too much and that comes off as being arrogant.

Myth #2 – Extroverts need to be the center of attention.

Extroverts are generally more outgoing, confident and sociable, so they naturally draw more attention to themselves. However, they are not purposely trying to attract attention. They just want to connect more with others.

Myth #3 – Extroverts enjoy public speaking.

Even though extroverts are perceived to be more confident and sociable, they have the same fear as anyone when speaking in public. They are sometimes afraid that they will not meet the expectations of their peers.
Myth #4 – Extroverts love meeting people.

Even though extroverts do get more energy being around others and enjoy connecting,  they are also human. There are people they definitely do not want to meet and they too have their own insecurities and want to be alone sometimes. Interacting excessively with others can also tire them out.

Myth #5 – Extroverts don’t want to be alone.

Just because extroverts are perceived to enjoy being in the company of others and are usually seen with other people, there are times when extroverts need to be alone. Too much interactions and relationships can bring them drama and they need to get away from that.

Myth #6 – Extroverts have a lot of energy.

Extroverts may appear to have a lot of energy when around others, but when they are by themselves they are just as drained as an introvert in a social situation. Again, they are just human too and run on the same amount of fuel.

Myth #7 – Extroverts don’t need time to recharge energy.

Even though extroverts may love communicating with people, they need a break too. Just because they can talk to people for a long period of time do not mean they are machine.
Myth #8 – Extroverts are not shy.

Extroverts may not get shy easily in social situations, but they can get shy too. If you put an extrovert in an environment they don’t have much experience with, they can get shy as well.

Myth #9 – Extroverts don’t have close friends, but a lot of acquaintances.

Even though extroverts are more likely to participate in social events and make more acquaintances, they too have close friends.

Myth #10 – Extroverts don’t care what others think.

Even though extroverts may appear more confident in social situations,  they are still sensitive to the opinions and criticisms of others.

(Source: psych-quotes)